Everything already automated, from code to production:

Create servers, provision & configure, deploy.

*Access to Closed Beta is by invitation only. Requests accepted until the 31st of October 2018.


Build better products, faster.

Bunnyshell eliminates the hassle of repetitive, complex or prone to error tasks, empowering developers to gain more time to code and innovate.

Everything is automated

  • Easily create new servers: One interface & single lexic for multiple clouds.
  • Provision & configure with one click.
  • Ongoing security updates
  • Quickly deploy with one click. Choose from: All at once, Rolling, Rolling with additional batches, Immutable, Blue Green deployments


Gifts for our first 512 customers


Request free access now and you can become one of us, a co-founder.

We are giving away :

  • A Forever FREE Enterprise plan for the first 20 users.
  • A Bunnyshell t-shirt matched with Bunnyshell socks for the first 50 users.
  • A Bunnyshell sticker for the first 200 users.
  • 12 months free plan for 5 new users referred.
  • A special place on our trustees online page, the first 512 users will automatically become co-founders.